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Stationery Retail Therapy

on November 18, 2011

Every now and again…well, far more often than that if I am being honest, I like to enjoy a little stationery retail therapy. Sadly it is becoming increasingly difficult to find interesting and affordable stationery sets on the high street. Pens, stickers and the like are becoming increasingly easy to obtain in all the varieties and prices you could want, but actual matching envelopes and sheets of paper with interesting designs on are scarce in England. That being said when I do find a good store, I tend to stock up with as much as I can. This week I discovered that my favourite chain store stationery shop Paperchase has begun selling a fantastic selection of writing sets. In each set you get 10 sheets of patterned paper (with the side you write on being more subtle), 10 translucent envelopes so that you can see the pattern of the paper through them and 10 matching address labels. There are several designs but I chose this one:

This lovely set only costs £2.50, so I will definitely be going back to stock up on some more in the coming weeks. It makes me so happy to see that stationery retailers on the high street are finally realising that if they do not produce great looking, affordable stationery for people to use, they will no longer have a market to sell to. Paperchase sell a wide range of products, and I love the variety and quirkiness of their products, and one thing that I constantly love shopping there for is stickers. They have such a wide range of designs and themes, and they are reasonable priced too, so when I was in there this week I stocked up on some as there was a 3 for 2 offer on that I just could not resist. I love how cute these stickers are, and the London ones will go perfectly with the writing set that I bought. The christmas stickers will be used on christmas letters and cards to friends and relatives as part of 52 weeks of mail. So far I have managed to keep up and successfully send out at least one item of mail every week. I like trying to see how many I can send out each week, but with most of my letters to friends and pen pals already being sent out of this week I may struggle with who to write to this week.

This week I posted a letter to a fairly new pen pal from France. Although we have only exchanged a few letters, I do look forward to her letters. She always uses such beautiful stationery and I love her long letters. I always try to put just s much effort into my stationery choices and letters as she does. The back of the envelope was decorated with some of the flower and envelope stamps from Paperchase, just to make it a little more interesting.


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