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Good Mail Days

on November 10, 2011

This week has been full of good mail days. There has been the odd bill a couple of pieces of junk mail, but it seems as though there was something good in my mail every single day this week.  Quite often it seems, there will be a theme to the mail that I get. Sometimes it is penpal letters, sometimes it is postcards, but this weeks it is stamps. I often look on ebay for stamps, and whilst I never bid more than the face value of the stamps, I have amassed quite a collection. I mostly look for stamps with interesing designs or photographs on them, and ths week I got very lucky. Here is what I recieved:

6 beautiful presentation packs of some of the loveliest stamps made by Royal Mail. I especially like the lightning stamp. The colours on it are amazing. The only trouble I have now is trying to convince myself to use them rather than hold on to them. I am sure though that the lucky recipients will have as much fun looking at them as I do now. What makes me even happier is that one of the people I bought some stamps from used some very interesting stamps to send my pack to me.

The stamps are a mix of very recent releases, such as the lion, christmas release stamps from several years ago, and a much older stamp featuring the Queen at three ages. I love the diversity of images on stamps, and I love seeing stamps that I have never seen before. Pretty stamps brighten up mail just as much as a colourful envelope does.


One response to “Good Mail Days

  1. Deirdre says:

    I love stamps too 🙂 I’m not a real collector but when a envelop has beautiful stamps on it I always take them off and keep them. I wouldn’t search for them on ebay just because there are so many stamps! So I keep the stamps I receive and when I have more of 1 kind I keep them for trading with others 🙂

    I also use special stamps for sending, I’m lucky that the postal service in The Netherlands has a great stamp variety of stamps. Every month I get new stamps, I’m never out of stamps 😉
    And when I’m on a (holiday) trip I always search for postcards and stamps. My souvenirs that I always bring home with me (if I can find them of course!).

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