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I love stationery

on November 9, 2011

It is true. I love stationery, and I love shopping for new stationery just as much. In the past few days I have done some serious stationery shopping to replace several writing sets that I have used the last of. As soon as I manage to get everything sorted around here I will post some photos of my new purchases.

I do however, have some photos I took at the end of last week that I have been meaning to post for a few days now. I posted out three postpals cards and a letter to a new pen pal from Texas. I was a little slow in replying to her letter so in my rush to get it posted as quickly as possible I completely forgot to take a photo of it. I love to brighten up the envelopes of the cards I send to the post pals by decorating them with brightly coloured stickers.

I often buy my stickers and pens from my local stationers. I am incredibly lucky that there is a fantastic stationery shop just three roads away from my house. Although the shop is only small, they sell a fantastic range of pens, inks, writing sets and some other fascinating little items. Big chain retailers take so much business away from local, small shops and I really like to support my local stationery shop. They certainly recieve a large part of my wages.  This time, I went to stock up in stickers for the post pals envelopes, and as usual, I ended up leaving with far more than I had planned.

I ended up with two packs of stickers, a white gel pen, a light blue ink filled fountain pen and a dark blue rollerball pen. I have hundrends of pens in every colour, but I always manage to convince myself that I need more. The white gel pen is fantastic, and I have so many writing sets that have dark coloured paper in. I have been looking for a really good white gel pen for  while now and it seems that I have finally found it. The lady who owns the stationery shop was kind enough to give me a scrap piece of paper to try the different types of white gel pens on to find the perfect one.

As much as I love shopping for stationery, on a good day I love shopping for stamps even more. I say ‘on a good day’ because the level of service I recieve at my local post offices varies dramatically. There are some post office workers who cannot do enough to help me, and when I ask for a set price in mixed value stamps, they go through every set fo stamps they have to make sure that I leave with all of the stamps I want. When I get service like that, I always end up spending more on stamps than I intended to but I also end up leaving happier than I thought I would be. Quite often, when I recieve service like this I will stock up on stamps so that I don’t have to gamble on recieving poor service the next time. More often than not though, I recieve a level of service that is less than desired. I have had postal workers tell me that they only sell first and second class stamps, and some even deny the existance of stamps of other values despite having the huge folder of stamps right next to them. I have even been told to bring all of my latters in to be weighed so that they can put huge gold postage stickers on my letters rather than use stamps at all. This week however, I was lucky, and I came away with quite a few stamps.

There are quite a variety of different sets of stamps here. There are a few to celebrate the London 2012 Olympics, a Thomas the Tank Engine Stamp (although it is not Thomas, he is on the 1st class stamp in that set). The sword is part of a set featuring royal jewels. I love being able to get such a wde variety of stamps from my post office, and with all the reports of possible job cuts and post office closures because the post office is losing money, it is hard to see why employees do not want to sell stamps to their customers.


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